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Project Description
The Speaking Speedometer (SSpeed)

This is my "home-made" project for learning Android-development. 

Main targets of this app are:

  • Any car has a build-in speedometer. This speedometer is already placed in the most useful place - car's console. So any additional speedometer will occupy less appropriate place. Additional speedometer should use another communication channel, like hearing.
  • We don't need in this additional speedometer complicated design. But we need in very fast switching between several main modes.

So, SSpeed has a simple design, digital speed indicator and three big buttons for quick selection of speed limit for alarm sound or speech. Now it localized into English, Russian and Ukrainian.

This app required Android v.4.0 or more. This decision was made after market analysis. The part of devices with Android version low than 4.0 is low and still quick reducing, but development for old versions is uncomfortable. Sorry, but I don't want to learn the dying environment. Please, read more about my reasons in the article "Why It’s Time To Support Only Android 4.0 and Above". This article was written in October of 2013, so now this opinion is more and more actual...

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